Why is working with a Virtual Assistant beneficial for your business?

Virtual Assistant

There is often a misunderstanding that Virtual Assistants (VAs) only work with sole traders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants. However, a VA can provide so many benefits for a business of any size, that you will find more and more that companies are making the most of this flexible and highly experienced resource. A VA enables a company to acquire additional support and resources when they need it, without the overheads and costs of employing someone directly.

Whether you are a sole trader, small or large business, a charity, or social enterprises, working with a Virtual Assistant is beneficial for your business.

There are many benefits to working with a Virtual Assistant, especially if you experience peaks and troughs in your workflows or provide project-based work. By working with a VA, you can manage and adjust your resources to fit.

One thing to remember is that no matter the size of your business, you will always have administration needs and work you could delegate.

It’s a good Business Decision!

If as a business owner you’re spending excessive amounts of time on admin tasks, instead of billable work, then you will always find you will lose money. Whereas if you delegate this to a VA, you will see the profit line increase and your unnecessary workload decrease.

Working with a virtual assistant is an ideal way to grow your business. You can utilise the flexibility of knowing you have the option to bring in support of a VA when business demands. This will provide you with the flexibility to manage your business overheads carefully, and in turn, only hire a VA when finances allow.

In the same manner, it is very beneficial for a business to develop a working relationship with a particular Virtual Assistant. You can then train, develop and invest in their knowledge of your business, which in turn will enable you to become confident in the quality of support you receive.

Most importantly, you no longer need to rely on ad-hoc temping staff who may all have different knowledge of your business and operational processes.

Working with a Virtual Assistant is beneficial for your business because it enables you to delegate the tedious administrative tasks you need to get off your desk. While also knowing they are being dealt with by a professional and experienced administrator.

Virtual Assistants are knowledgeable in all office and administrative systems, processes, and procedures and can support you in using and introducing new platforms, software, and apps in your business. Making the most of their experience and getting your back-office operations right is very advantageous. It also enables a company to make the most of new technology, to not only support it now but also in the future growth.

Whatever the age of your business, a Virtual Assistant will always be beneficial to your business and provide insights, support, and help in identifying more efficient ways of working.

If you are looking for a VA in the UK, here is a directory listings site: www.virtualassistantnearme.co.uk

Self Employed/ Micro Business

As a business owner, you are likely to wear various hats to sustain a successful business. It can mean that running your business can take over everything and maintaining a work-life balance is often tricky. However, managing your workload, stress and taking time for yourself is crucial to avoid burn out and ultimately ensuring the success of your business.

Working too hard, or in isolation and with poor time management can all contribute to the struggles with juggling all the needs of running a business. This is where it is tremendously beneficial to work with a Virtual Assistant. They can help remove some of those burdens. You can delegate those day to day tasks that are draining your time and that is taking you away from your clients or growing your business.

Busy Businessman

A Virtual Assistant is a dependable, reliable, experienced and professional support at your fingertips to help you maintain a successful business and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Small Businesses

The benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant in a small business is that the person can become long term support for you and your team and business. They are also often experienced enough that you can rely on them and use them as a second pair of eyes and ears always thinking and suggesting the best for your business and team but most importantly a VA can be available as often or as occasionally as required, saving you time and resources and allowing your team/staff to focus on what they do best and take away the admin churn.

Large Businesses

Large businesses often require the assistance of temporary staff to cover peaks and troughs of workloads, holidays, sick leave, or to manage one-off projects. VA’s provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional ‘temps,’ providing flexible services alongside a wealth of experience and business insight.

Within larger businesses, there may also have needs for virtual assistants for senior members of the company. They may require ad-hoc or small but regular amounts of PA services such as diary management, email filtering, typing, and document formatting. Working with a Virtual Assistant removes the hassle of recruitment agencies, and their fees and affords a person or business to only hire provision when there are specific work requirements. This could be fewer hours of work, than what is perceived as appropriate for employing a direct member of staff.

This is applicable for any size of business. Which is a great benefit for ALL businesses. You only need to pay for what you need, in regards to the number of hours or days. Thre is no need to worry that it might be to low for a directly employed Part-time person. There is rarely a minimum number of hours you can employ a VA for. You pay for what you need and what your budget allows for.

Charities/Social Enterprises

For charities and social enterprises working with a Virtual Assistant is so beneficial because it allows them to bring in specific help and support for certain tasks. They know exactly what they are getting and allows them to monitor spending.

Cheaper alternative to employing a member of staff!

Outsourcing extra work to a virtual assistant is one of the best alternatives to hiring additional on-site staff. Hiring a virtual assistant or virtual PA can be one of the best decisions you could ever make to maintain the success of your business. They are independent contractors who are dedicated to helping businesses succeed by providing the same level of experience, skill and professionalism required from onsite support staff — except they work from a remote office and uses his or own equipment and software.

Deciding to hire a virtual assistant not only frees up your time but also means you only pay for the support you need without the associated on site hiring costs such as: recruitment fees, NI, Pension, sickness, holiday, other staff benefits, IT equipment and office space.

Here is a brilliant list of reasons why it is beneficial for your business to work with a VA:

1. Flexible to your business needs — You can define exactly how much work you need, with no minimum commitment and ability to increase or decrease based on your business needs.

2. They are genuinely interested in the success of your business and want to support you and your businesses success/growth.

3. They understand the importance of client confidentiality and will treat your business as their own.

4. They will comply with GDPR at all times and ensure all work undertaken on your behalf is compliant and can help you ensure you are doing things correctly.

5. You can build an ongoing working relationship that allows you to use the same highly-skilled, professional every time you outsource/delegate work.

6. You can free up your time to achieve a better work-life balance while leaving the admin to someone else.

7. Every task will be completed to a high standard.

8. There is no recruitment or agency fees.

9. You can find VA’s who specialise in different areas of business such as Website development, bookkeeping, digital marketing as well as the experienced business support VAs.

10. Gives you more time to focus on your business.

11. They will work closely with you to support your business needs.

12. A VA will deliver a high standard of work, regardless of whether the tasks are regular or adhoc.

13. No one will ever know it wasn’t completed in-house.

14. A VAs background is very varied and therefore will bring a bredth of knowledge and skills to provide a full business support service.

15. You’ll have time to spend on tasks and projects where you can add the most value.

16. Doing what you most love, without the distraction of admin.

17. No HR overheads such as recruitment fees, national insurance or employee benefits.

18. You don’t need to invest in equipment or office/desk space.

19. Hiring a Virtual PA will enable you to multi-task and be productive in and outside your office, because they are able to support you with the same level of professionalism regardless.

The key to remember is that when working with a VA you are hiring a PROFESSIONAL person, someone with experience and a skill set that will on bring value to your business.

If you are now aware of just how beneficial it would be for you and your business to work with a Virtual Assistant then get in touch,we would love to start working with you. www.oasis-support.co.uk

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